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Digital Agency

About us

Why the Digital Agency?

COVID-19 Pandemic:

A wake-up call for Japan’s digital transformation

  • Management of the health crises hampered by outdated and cumbersome administrative system
  • In the past, each ministry, agency, and local government has been promoting digitalization separately
  • Resulted in 1,700 local governments with 1,700 systems: procured and managed separately with dispersed responsibility
  • The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted such practice as ineffective

Digital Agency newly launched

  • Last year, then Prime Minister SUGA Yoshihide made the digitalization of Japan one of his top priorities
  • Accordingly, the Digital Agency was established at an incredible speed and launched in September 2021, contributes to reforming the culture of administration in a user-driven manner through digitalization
  • The Digital Agency has strong powers of comprehensive coordination, such as the power to make recommendations to other ministries and agencies

What do we aim for?

Our Mission, Vision and Values

What will we do?

Policy priorities: “total design”

  • Improvement of user-friendliness of online public services
  • Development of common functions such as IDs, certifications, and infrastructure such as cloud services and networks
  • Comprehensive data strategy
  • Building digital capabilities through training and education
  • Regulatory reform to allow use of new technologies
  • Securing accessibility
  • Ensuring safety and security
  • Promoting R&D and demonstration
  • Examine and Evaluate the program

Serve for the benefit of people

The Vaccination Record System (VRS)

  • While administration related to inoculation is conducted at local governments, VRS allowed the central government to grasp real time data and effectively reflect the data in policy decision-making.
  • Individuals who move across municipalities benefit from the interconnectivity of records.
  • VRS allows flexible improvements– it will soon connect with online vaccine certificate apps.

In the global context

Data Free Flow with Trust

“ We must, on one hand, be able to put our personal data and data embodying intellectual property, national security intelligence, and so on, under careful protection, while on the other hand, we must enable the free flow of medical, industrial, traffic and other most useful, non-personal, anonymous data to see no borders, repeat, no borders.

The regime we must build is one for D.F.F.T., Data Free Flow with Trust--non-personal data, needless to say.”

January 23, 2019
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting


Ministers Profile

Acts and Strategies

Reports and Publications

  • Report of the Sub-working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation(PDF/3,392KB)
    The Sub-working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation was established under the Data Strategy Promotion Working Group. Over a total of 11 sessions from November18th, 2021 to June 29th, 2022, the Sub-working Group discussed needs and challenges of trust assurance on online transactions and procedures, explored use cases, and provided strategic action plans for the Digital Agency to advance trust assurance toward digital transformation. The Sub working group released “the Report of the Sub-Working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation” on July 29th, 2022. Find out more about the report.


  • Visit Japan Web
    A web service that visitors(including Japanese and the foreigners who have reentry permits)can use for quarantine, immigration and customs procedures in order to enter Japan.