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This is a service that allows you to perform arrival procedures "immigration ", "customs", and "Tax-free shopping service"
In addition to those entering the country from overseas, it can also be used by those returning to Japan.
This page contains information related to the system and information for business operators related to this service.

Important information

A suspicious app showing Visit Japan Web Info that pretends to be a Visit Japan Web service has been discovered.
The Visit Japan web service provided by the Digital Agency does not provide any app.
Additionally, we will never ask you to enter your credit card information.
In case you download a suspicious app, please uninstall it immediately.

Furthermore, Visit Japan web services offered by Digital Agency are available at the following URLs.

Please be sure that you are accessing to the official website.

Update information

  • System change to unify 2D codes for immigration and customs declarations was made on January 25,2024 at 3:00JST. (January 25,2024) Please check details here.
  • Suspicious app called “Visit Japan Web info” has been found recently. Our service does not provide any app. If you downloaded suspicious app, please uninstall it immediately. (September 14,2023)
  • Anyone entering Japan on or after April 29, 2023 will no longer be required to show a valid vaccination certificate or a test certificate obtained before departure. Please check details here
    With the above change, the "Quarantine procedure (Fast Track)" icon will be removed on April 29 at 00:00 JST. (April 28, 2023)
  • New function "Tax-free shopping service" released (April 1, 2023)
  • New functions "Passport OCR input", "VISA link", "3rd party proxy input" released (March 28, 2023)
  • The guide page in Chinese(Simplified, Traditional) and Korean pages have been opend. Visit Japan Web (November 1, 2022)​
  • Quarantine “Fast Track” is available via Visit Japan Web.(November 1, 2022)

About service

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See Usage Instructions

Guidance for operation, usage instructions, and other information for users can be found here.
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Operating Environment and Notes

  • We recommend using the latest versions of the browsers for the best experience with the service.
  • Please check Frequently Asked Questions:System requirements for the latest operating environment.
  • A two dimensional code which is displayed by Visit Japan Web includes personal information. Please be careful when handling this.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For inquiries about Visit Japan Web, please use the chatbot.
The chatbot URL

About proxy input

Click here for the proxy entry login screen.

Please check here for the operation method.
You can also see it from the menu tab on the login screen.