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Visit Japan Web

Visit Japan Web is a web service that people entering to Japan(and Japanese returning to Japan)can use for Quarantine, Immigration and Customs procedures in order to enter/return to Japan.

Available:Narita International Airport、Haneda Airport、Kansai International Airport、Chubu Centrair International Airport、Fukuoka Airport、New Chitose Airport


  • The new version of Visit Japan Web is available from October 3. Please use the new version for entry/return Japan procedure. Please note that the data registered in the previous version will not be transferred to the new version.(October 3, 2022)
  • The new version URL is changed from the previous version URL.(October 3, 2022)
  • The previous version is available until October 10, so Users who registered in it can proceed until October 10. But the previous version will not be available on and after October 11. (October 3, 2022)
  • The date coordination (data transfer) with Quarantine "Fast Track" has stopped since October 3, but you will be able to register information for Quarantine "Fast Track" after November. (October 3, 2022)

New version URL

Two-dimensional code of service provision URL


How to use the new version Visit Japan Web

1.Before Entry/Return to Japan

STEP 0 Create Account ・ Login
Create a new account, and login.
Your Email address is required for this.
Visit Japan Web screen before login and screen after first login.

STEP 1 User Registration
Register user details.
You can register accompanying family members.
The screen before user registration and the screen after user registration on Visit Japan Web.

STEP 2 Register Planned Entry/Return
Register your entry/return plan.
On the Visit Japan website, the schedule of entry and return to Japan is displayed before registration and after registration.

STEP 3 Register Entry/Return Procedure Information
Register information for Immigration and Customs declaration in the plan you registered.
①Immigration(disembarkation card)
(Japanese citizens and foreigners with a re-entry permission do not need.)
②Customs declaration(personal effects and unaccompanied articles declaration)
Immigration/customs declaration screens before registration and after registration.

2.Entry/Return Procedure (Arrival in Japan)

Show each QR code at Immigration and Customs.
①QR code for Immigration
(Japanese citizens and foreigners with a re-entry permission do not need.)
②QR code for Customs declaration
Screen with QR code for immigration on the front page.

Version upgrade(October 3, 2022)

  • You can register Accompanying family members in an account.
  • You can register Multiple plans in an account.
  • You can use some features offline.

Instructions and Notes

Operating environment

We recommend using the latest versions of the following browsers for the best experience with the service.

  • iOS: Safari

  • Android: Google Chrome

  • PC: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Instruction Manual

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A two dimensional code which is displayed by Visit Japan Web includes personal information. Please be careful when handling this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


For inquiries about Visit Japan Web, please use the chatbot.
The chatbot URL