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Overview of DFFT

Overview of DFFT

Our goal is to promote international data exchange through the DFFT initiative. To achieve this, we need trustworthy legal and voluntary frameworks, guidelines, standards, technologies, and transparent safeguarding measures. We recognize the need to operationalize DFFT in crucial areas such as healthcare, pandemic response, climate change, and IoT applications, including mobility. We acknowledge the significance of the Institutional Arrangement for Partnership (IAP) that facilitates collaboration between governments and stakeholders to promote the cross-border flow of personal and non-personal data.

What is DFFT ?

DFFT is a concept that aims to ensure the cross-border flow of data to solve business and social issues. The objective of DFFT is to address issues related to privacy, security, intellectual property rights, and other trust issues through the liberalization of international data distribution. In addition, DFFT aims to ensure the seamless flow of valuable information without being unjustifiably bound by the rules of each country, and it will be essential to transfer data while maintaining the reliability of the data. To expand the global data transfer based on the concept of DFFT, we should work together to establish digital trade rules and regulations.

Why DFFT ?

The topic of DFFT was a major focus at both the G20 OSAKA Summit in 2019 and the G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting in Takasaki, Gunma in 2023. DFFT has become a common language for discussing data distribution on a global scale. With the data economy booming and the sharing of high-quality data essential for addressing social issues and promoting economic growth, it is crucial for major countries to coordinate and establish international rules for data transfer.

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