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Reports and Publications

  • Report of the Sub-working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation

    • Report of the Sub-working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation(PDF/3,392KB)
      The Sub-working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation was established under the Data Strategy Promotion Working Group. Over a total of 11 sessions from November18th, 2021 to June 29th, 2022, the Sub-working Group discussed needs and challenges of trust assurance on online transactions and procedures, explored use cases, and provided strategic action plans for the Digital Agency to advance trust assurance toward digital transformation. The Sub working group released “the Report of the Sub-Working Group for Trust-Assured Digital Transformation” on July 29th, 2022.
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  • Web3.0 Study Group Report

    • Web3.0 Study Group Report(PDF/1,356KB)
    • Web3.0 Study Group Report(Summary)(PDF/100KB)
      The Web3.0 Study Group was established with the aim of deepening the discussion on developing an environment for the acceleration of Web3.0 including NFTs and DAOs based on blockchain technology, as stated in several government documents such as "Priority Policy Program for Realizing Digital Society".
      After a total of 12 sessions from October to December 2022, the Research Group released the report summarizing the discussions on a broad range of points toward sound development of Web3.0, including possibilities and issues of Web3.0, and concrete measures required to tackle issues and promote innovations.