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Creation of the Digital Agency

Steps to the Digitalization

In 2020

In January, first case of COVID 19 infection was reported in Japan.

Malfunctions in online procedures and inconsistencies between the systems of local and central government, which were using separate data systems causes the delays in responding to COVID 19 pandemic.

Then Prime Minister Suga decided to establish a basic policy on a new Digital Agency and submit bills to the parliament in 2021.

In 2021

Japan's parliament enacted a set of laws to establish Digital Agency in September.
The launch of Digital Agency was a top priority by then Prime Minister Suga, aiming for the catchup on digitalization in Japan and to promote digital transformation across society.

Digital Agency was launched on September 1, as the government to accelerate digitalization of local and central government after the COVID 19 pandemic further exposed the necessity of reformation.

Our Commitment

The Digital Agency makes best effort to eliminate inefficient technology of the government and focuses on the digitalization of improving systems to support daily lives of people. By guaranteeing the security of data and systems, we aim to accelerate digitalization in a user-driven manner.

We commit to “Human-friendly digitalization: No one left behind”, underpinned by the vision of “Government as a service” and “Government as a startup.”