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Advancements in digital technology have the potential to address life's challenges affordably, enhancing personal convenience. Our objective is to create an inclusive society, where digital technology improves convenience, health, and happiness. A digitalized society will simplify citizens' lives and offer opportunities for new businesses. Our commitment to safety and security underpins our “Human-friendly and No One Left Behind“ approach as we aim for a world where everyone benefits from a digitalized world.

Organization and background of establishment(PDF/430KB)

Mission, Vision and Values


Human-friendly digitalization: No one left behind

Our aim is to establish a digital society that embodies the happiness of every individual, contributing to a future for Japan that we can proudly showcase to the world.


Government as a Service

We will maximize the value of user experience by delivering services through a seamless collaboration involving the central government, local governments, private sectors, and the stakeholders.

Government as a Startup

Motivated individuals from the public and private sectors will collaborate with trust, face challenges with resilience, and lead a rapid and innovative digital transformation.


For each and every one of us

We are committed to providing services that prioritize the needs of our citizens, with a strong ethical standard. By listening carefully to those who are often overlooked and taking practical actions, we aim to create a society where everyone can benefit from digital technology.

Continuously evaluating our actions in pursuing our goals

We will challenge assumptions and conventions, embracing new methods and concepts to form a Japan that we can proudly showcase to the world. Continuously evaluating our objectives, we will have the courage to make the decision to "stop" when necessary, while striving for high productivity in our work.

Across the position

As a unified team, we work together, respecting diversity, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting individual growth. Simultaneously, we function independently within an open and transparent environment built on mutual trust.

Continue our challenge

We drive organizational growth by acting swiftly and welcoming feedback, avoiding the pursuit of excessive perfection. We firmly believe that learning from numerous challenges and failures is essential for maximizing the value we provide to our users. As innovators, we are committed to continuously challenging ourselves, achieving results, and sharing our learnings with society.

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