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Digital Agency

About Digital Agency

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Human-friendly digitalization: No one left behind

We strive to create the future of Japan we all could take pride in and to envision a digital society where diverse forms of happiness are realized.


Government as a Service

We offer services that maximize the value of user experience through organic collaboration with national and local governments, private sector, and all other stakeholders.

Government as a Startup

We lead the digital transformation across society in a bold and speedy way, with mutual trust and learning from a multitude of challenges by aspirational talent from public and private sectors.


For each and every individual in this country

We will prioritize delivering benefits and user-centric services to the people of Japan, while maintaining highest ethical standards. We will listen to the voices of the silent majority and care for each individual to create a society where everyone can benefit from the digital society.

Always with a sense of purpose

We will challenge assumptions and the status quo in a constructive manner, actively adopt new methods and concepts and strive to take the world’s leadership positions we all could take pride in. We will constantly remind ourselves of our objectives, have the courage to decide to discontinue, and be productive in delivering our work.

Across all positions

We will collaborate as a team by respecting diversity, empathizing, and learning from and complementing each other. We will act with independent mind based on mutual trust in an open, flexible and transparent environment.

Continue to challenge ourselves for impact

We will act with speed and seek feedback without excessively pursuing perfection. We will continue to challenge ourselves to create impact. We shall do so by growing as an organization and giving back to society as a pioneer. As we face a multitude of challenges and setbacks, we will apply learning from these experiences and review/revised our value propositions to users.